Our Warranties


Nothing in life is perfect, and we know that sooner or later, anything made by man can break down. Our mission is to back everything we sell and install with a level of warranty coverage and service that others can’t match. At ADC Mobile, we try very hard to qualify all of the products we offer, and we take great pride in those that we represent. We choose our manufacturer partners very carefully, and we’ve aligned ourselves only with those manufacturers that can back up what they make with the longest and strongest warranties in the industry. We work tirelessly to provide the best products at the best prices, with the best warranties in the business.


In every case, we will attempt wherever possible to affect a warranty repair or replacement with as little impact to you as possible. ADC Mobile covers ONLY the products we’ve sold and installed and that were used in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer. Warranties are limited to the original purchaser ONLY. We do not warrant any item that was installed prior to the installation of our warrantied parts, and we do not cover any item(s) added after our installation. We do not cover factory parts that were installed by ADC Mobile unless they were installed incorrectly. We do not cover any item that failed due to physical damage or abuse, water damage, fire, attempted theft, or for any other cause that is due to the operation of the product outside the normal and customary method prescribed by the manufacturer. You will be responsible for any charges from the manufacturer for damage to any warrantied product.

If your system requires warranty service, we expect that you will contact your original dealership or ADC  Mobile FIRST.  This gives us the ability to properly diagnose the problem and contact the appropriate manufacturer to arrange whatever warranty method necessary. We do not warranty those portions of an ADC Mobile-supplied system that were serviced by any other than dealership technicians prior to investigation by ADC Mobile technicians. This means that if you take your vehicle to your local mechanic who removes our system to try and diagnose your problem, we would not be bound to reinstall it at no charge.

We will always attempt to accomplish every warranty situation in the manner that is the most expedient for the customer, with the least impact in terms of time and hassle. Based on the situation and the information required to process a warranty claim, this may include doing all warranty work at the dealership where the system was originally installed, or it may be done (at our discretion) at the your home or workplace. NOTE: All work performed at your location must be within a 10 mile radius of the original dealership – if outside this radius, a trip fee may apply.

ADC Mobile does not cover any costs associated with obtaining warranty service, such as rental car expense, loss of wages, or any other incidental costs.


We feel that our commitment to high quality and great service is unequaled, and to prove it we employ installers with decades of car audio installation experience and very high personal standards. We back up every installation we do with a LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY. This means that if there is ever a problem with the system that we installed in your vehicle that is due to an installation error, we will fix it FOR FREE for the duration of  the time you own the vehicle. This DOES NOT cover parts that failed due to other causes, regardless of our involvement in the installation.


All of the products that we carry come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and ADC Mobile will honor all warranties for the term stated by each manufacturer. These warranties may be from 90 days to three years, and may cover various items included in each installation with a different set of time periods or replacement/repair options. We do not offer any extended warranties, nor are we authorized to independently extend any term of any manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is final, and no modification or extension of the term will be expressed or implied by ADC Mobile.


For sales that are made outside of our normal area of operation in Western Washington state, all manufacturer warranties still apply, but some may have different time limits based on whether or not the product was installed with a new vehicle purchase or was done by an authorized installer. The manufacturer’s warranty is final, and no modification or extension of the term will be expressed or implied by ADC Mobile and we do not offer any return privilege once the product has been installed.



If you think your system requires warranty service for items installed by ADC Mobile, please contact the dealership where it was originally installed FIRST. Your dealership will have all the pertinent records regarding the original installation and can facilitate warranty service with ADC Mobile. Service will most likely be handled with two service appointments: one to diagnose the problem, and one to repair the problem. Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, this service may be done with an advanced replacement unit or it may require the repair of your existing equipment. In each case, ADC Mobile will be bound by the manufacturer’s decisions regarding the handling of the warranty claim.

Advanced replacement may take place in as little as four days or as many as thirty days from the date of the request for service, depending on the manufacturer and their stock levels for the affected item. Although we will do as much as possible to insure the timely replacement of the product under warranty, ADC Mobile cannot promise or otherwise affect the delivery of advanced replacement units.

Repair of warrantied products will take place per the manufacturer’s stated warranty. ADC Mobile will not be liable for shipping costs associated with warranty repairs except as per the manufacturer’s warranty and will not be liable for loss or damage to the product beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and the shipper’s loss or damage policy.


If you think your system requires warranty service, please email us via the contact form under the “Contact Us” link on the menu bar above, or call us at 253-297-4570. We will do our best to determine whether or not your product requires warranty repair or replacement. This may require additional steps to be taken by the customer, in the vehicle to help troubleshoot the problem. We may also require photographic or video evidence of the failure – PLEASE BE ABLE TO VERIFY AND DOCUMENT THE FAILURE PRIOR TO REQUESTING WARRANTY SERVICE. If warranty service is required, we will handle the repair or replacement according to the manufacturer’s warranty. ADC Mobile reserves the right to collect a “core charge” fee prior to providing warranty replacement product. This fee guarantees the warrantied product will be returned and will be refunded upon receipt of the undamaged warrantied product(s). Upon receipt by ADC Mobile, any missing part(s) will be charged per the manufacturer’s price list and will be deducted from the refund due. If a replacement unit is sent, it may be new or re-manufactured, based on the manufacturer’s warranty.

We will pay for the shipping of the affected product(s) as outlined below:

  • Within 30 days of purchase: If the product(s) need to be returned to ADC Mobile for warranty service or replacement, ADC Mobile will pay inbound and outbound ground shipping expenses to US addresses ONLY – generally this will take the form of an advanced exchange unit that will contain a pre-printed UPS/FedEx/USPS return label. Customer is responsible for timely return of product. Products not returned within 60 days of the invoice date will be regarded as a purchase and will not be refunded. ADC Mobile will pay for outbound USPS/Canada Post shipping to Canadian addresses – inbound shipping charges will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • 31-90 days: Inbound shipping to ADC Mobile will be at customer expense. ADC Mobile will pay for outbound ground shipping to US addresses ONLY. ADC Mobile will allow $20 US for shipping expenses to Canadian addresses. Additional shipping charges will be billed to the customer, to be paid in full prior to return shipping.
  • After 90 days: All inbound shipping charges should be pre-paid by the customer and all outbound shipping charges will be billed to the customer, to be paid in full prior to return shipping.

All returns must be authorized by ADC Mobile and must contain a return authorization number on the outside of the box. All returns must be accompanied by a full explanation of the problem(s) and/or photographic or video evidence of the failure as required – PLEASE BE ABLE TO VERIFY AND DOCUMENT THE FAILURE PRIOR TO REQUESTING WARRANTY SERVICE.


All items must be accompanied with return address instructions.

All returns for warranty service must be contained in the original packaging, with all the original packing materials intact. All returns should be insured and ADC Mobile will insure the return to the customer. ADC Mobile may require a signature for the return package. Any damage sustained during shipping is the responsibility of the shipper and all damage claims must be submitted to the shipper – ADC Mobile will not be responsible for damage during shipping.

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