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ADCMobileThe ADC Mobile Promise

As the vehicles we work on get more and more complex, the need to have the right accessory for the right application becomes more acute.  The process of deciding what products to offer is a difficult decision that we don’t take lightly.  At ADC Mobile, our team has over 132 years experience in mobile electronics (view our past ten years of experience by vehicle), and we hate having to re-do any of our installations due to defective or inferior gear as much as you do, so we will always suggest products that based on our experience will be the best fit, will be built to the highest quality standards and will have the best warranties available. While they may not always be the cheapest (but oftentimes aren’t nearly the most expensive either), they will be the best products we can offer after having looked at the alternatives in each category.

When you buy a new car and decide to install aftermarket accessories, you expect that the aftermarket parts will meet or exceed the performance and warranty of the factory equivalent.  We’ll try wherever possible to source products that exceed what’s available from the vehicle’s manufacturer. For instance: While we have numerous manufacturers to choose from for navigation products, we offer Kenwood, JVC, Advent & Rosen because of their combination of features, ease of use and outstanding 3 year (Kenwood, JVC & Advent) or factory match (Rosen) warranty.  Although other manufacturers make some great products, in our opinion it’s not worth giving up class-leading performance and a replacement warranty for marginal features that most owners might never use AND jeopardize your long-term happiness with a one year repair-only warranty that come standard on almost all retail-only units available at the big box type electronics retailers.  We will certainly sell and install any brand you’d like us to use, but we will always be honest in our opinions, and offer alternatives where they make sense from a performance or warranty standpoint.

Our customer service is what really sets us apart though: we’ve made the commitment to always do our very best to offer a level of customer service that others can’t touch, and based on our success since forming the company in 1999, we feel we’ve set the standard in the Puget Sound area. You will ALWAYS get a real person to help with your sale, you will ALWAYS be able to talk directly to the installer who worked on the car, and you will ALWAYS be able to talk to the owner of ADC Mobile with a single phone call to 253-297-4570! We don’t believe that multiple layers of managers add anything to our capabilities, so although we’re a small company, we function in many ways light years better than some of our bigger competition. For instance, since there’s no way to shift responsibility to anyone other than the person who installed your accessory, all of our employees take that responsibility very personally and it shows in the quality of our work and the experience your sales staffs and your customers receive. Give us a chance and you’ll never go back to anyone else!

In conclusion, at ADC Mobile we always want to do the right thing for the car, the customer and the dealer, regardless. Unlike most retailers that dabble in dealership work, we don’t offer ANYTHING based solely on its profit potential – we qualify what we offer based on being the right product for the application, with features  and warranties that lead their class. If you have any questions regarding our operation, our experience, or the choices we make in each category, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll give you our honest opinions that can help provide guidance in a very crowded marketplace…

Walt Ottenad

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