Advent Integrated Navigation for Chevrolet & GMC

Advent Integrated Navigation systems bring true integration with on-screen controls, vehicle data, and even HDMI inputs for phone mirroring. Integration gives a better then OEM experience with more features to the end user. Our Chevrolet Malibu, Cruze, Camaro and Equinox Integrated Nav systems are MyLink compatible and match the factory user interface with icons, colors and design. This system is a true plug and play installation that requires no modification to the factory radio and does not require dealer activation as well.

GMNAV2Navigation for Chevrolet Camaro/Cruze/Equinox/Malibu & GMC  Terrain

The system integrates completely with the factory touchscreen, giving no outward appearance of aftermarket equipment. Access to navigation and other features is via the “Source” button – simply press the button the button for two seconds to access.

When the Integrated System is activated, you can choose Navigation, OBD Info, HDMI and AUX sources.

“AUX” accesses the auxiliary input for audio-only output from your audio device

“OBD Info” allows access to onboard diagnostic data provided by the vehicle

“HDMI” allows you to plug your smartphone or tablet (iPhone & Android) into the supplied HDMI port to display the almost anything you can display on the phone on the factory display! (One-way only – no control of phone from touchscreen) This allows even more possibilities for navigation and information. Want live traffic info? Start your Google Maps or WAZE app. Want to listen to your streaming music app? Start Pandora or iHeart Radio & enjoy the app’s album art, information and graphics. The possibilities are limited only by the apps you have installed on your phone or tablet.

“Navigation” launches the awesome new iGo Primo Next-Gen system, giving you a completely new experience in navigation, with much more information, options and data available than the factory GM system. iGo Next-Gen navigation features a redesigned interface designed to enhance navigation usability while reducing distractions:

New HMI interface
New HMI interface

New Route Interface
New Route Interface

New Data Available
New Data Available

Completely “Plug and Play” installation insures reliability and allows the option of removing the unit to install in another vehicle, which is great for lease or fleet purchases! Modular design guarantees reliability, and “T” harnesses allow installation without with splicing factory wiring.

The GMNAV2 also allows the addition of a backup camera if the vehicle is not equipped with one!

GMNAV2 Module & Harnesses
GMNAV2 Module & Harnesses


  • Compatible with: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
  • Compatible with: 2015 Chevrolet Cruze
  • Compatible with: 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
  • Compatible with: 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
  • Compatible with: 2015 GMC Terrain
  • The First System To Support the iGo Next Gen Mapping Interface
  • Adds the ability for the customer to upgrade to new maps via USB cable as desired, no waiting for OEM maps
  • iGo (HERE) Certified Navigation Hardware insures the best user experience
  • HDMI Input allows the view of compatible devices directly on the factory screen
  • Additional Vehicle Data (OBD) displayed for monitoring of specific data
  • Advent brand Exclusive covered by 3 years of warranty nationwide


Part Number: GMNAV2
Downloads: Owner's Manual | Quick Start Guide | Malibu Quick Start Guide | Installation Manual | Application Guide
Website: Visit Advent's Website
In Stock?: Usually - CALL FIRST
Normal shipping time: Five days | *Expedited shipping available* - please call for quote
Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Options: Rear Camera

Included with local installation:
  • Module ONLY
  • Data Cable
NOT Included:
  • Apple HDMI Adaptor Cable
  • Rear Camera


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