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iPhone: Tracking MapCar Connection Pro

What it is:

A GPS and data network-based tracking, reporting and control system that allows real-time communication with the vehicle, allow you to track it, control remote start and keyless entry functions and know when your alarm has been triggered, be notified when the car is being driven in an unsafe manner or when maintenance is required, and even restrict cell phone calls and texting while the car is being driven*! All of these features and more are available with Car Connection Pro!

*Vehicle must be in range of data network to report current location and operate remote functions

Who would use it?

  • Families: Make sure your husband or wife is safe while traveling, or arrange shopping trips or errands based on current location. Ever locked your keys in your car? Car Connection can unlock it from your phone (with a compatible alarm or remote start system installed), paying for itself the first time you DON’T have to call a locksmith! Know immediately if your vehicle has been stolen, and help alert police as to the whereabouts. Know what that “Check Engine” light means and schedule needed services for the vehicle based on real-time maintenance feedback and recalls that affect your vehicle, delivered via email or text message to your smartphone.
  • Parents: Teen drivers can make mistakes – Car Connection Pro alerts you when they do, allowing you to educate and modify behavior before it becomes a problem, keeping good kids moving in the right direction! With up to five customizable Alert Zones, you’ll know that your teen has, for instance, left school and arrived at home with a text message or email. Keep teens safe by eliminating phone calls and texting while driving except to three phone numbers that YOU assign! (Android & Blackberry ONLY)
  • Adult Children of Older Parents: Forgetfulness and poor health may become an issue for older drivers – Car Connection allows location services in an emergency or remote unlock if keys are locked inside a vehicle. What if grandpa’s car could alert you whenever he drives beyond safety zones you predetermine – receive notification if the vehicle leaves any of five customizable alert zones.
  • Outside Salespeople: Car Connection logs your trips every day and lays a breadcrumb trail on the map, allowing you to verify mileage logs for employers or the IRS, as well as keeping your visits on schedule – know EXACTLY when the last visit to your customer was!
  • Employers: Monitor company vehicles to insure employees are maximizing efficiency on the job, while monitoring vehicle health and mileage at the same time. Potential insurance savings may result from driver scoring or Usage-Based Insurance programs. Employee travel history can be logged, allowing reconciliation of time cards and travel claims. Alert Zones can be set up for each employee, allowing you to be notified via email or text message when the covered vehicle enters or exits any geographic area, such as the employee’s home or assigned service area.
  • Fleet Managers: Monitor up to 24 vehicles at once, and stay notified about the locations of all of your vehicles! Schedule maintenance and service based on real-time feedback, as well as the status of recalls on each vehicle!
  • Taxicabs or Shuttles: Know the location of every vehicle, allowing dispatch to your potential fare by the closest driver available. Keep track of every trip every vehicle takes, every day.
  • Governments / Municipalities: Car Connection can keep track of infrequently used equipment, saving time and hassle when those assets need to be retrieved. Employee travel history can be logged, allowing reconciliation of time cards and travel claims.
  • Delivery & Service Companies: Immediately locate your personnel in the field and dispatch the closest representative to your customer, saving time & fuel, as well as providing an increased level of service.
  • Frequent Travelers: While traveling, know if your vehicle has been tampered with, remote start your vehicle to keep the battery charged for your return, and locate your vehicle in the airport parking lot when you get back!
  • Tech Lovers: Amaze your friends! Access remote start and keyless entry functions from your phone from virtually anywhere in the world!
  • Anyone who wants to keep track of their vehicles and loved ones, wants to save money based on real-time maintenance concerns, and wants the ultimate convenience of remotely starting their vehicle or locking /unlocking the doors from virtually anywhere in the world via their smartphone!

Product Overview

  • With the addition of optional remote start and/or security system, use the smart phone app to Lock/Unlock your vehicle’s door, cool down or heat up your vehicle, from virtually anywhere in the world*.
  • Track, locate and set boundaries to always know where your vehicle is.
  • Parental controls to stop phone calls and texting while driving.
  • Monitor fuel consumption, vehicle diagnostics and driver scoring. All presented on easy to understand personalized website.
  • Customizable feature notifications via email and/or text messages.
  • Professionally installed by trained 12 volt specialists.
  • *Vehicle must be in range of data network to report current location and operate remote functions

Simple Activation Process:

  • Purchase Car Connection Pro and have it installed.
  • Create an account online with
  • Add your personal vehicle information to your account and select your plan.
  • Requires a $19.95 one-time wireless carrier device activation fee and either a $9.95 per month or $89 per year subscription plan, with no contract required.
  • You are ready to go!


PC Interface:

PC Dashboard
PC Dashboard
PC Tracking Map
PC Tracking Map View
PC Tracking Satellite View
PC Tracking Satellite View
PC Remote Start/Keyless
PC Remote Start/Keyless
PC Zone Alert Setup
PC Zone Alert Setup
PC Notifications Setup
PC Notifications Setup

Smartphone Apps:

Car Connection is available in the App Store Car Connection is available on Google Play
iPhone App
iPhone App
iPad Display
iPad Display
Android App
Android App

Product Features/App Interface:


iPhone: Location
  • Track your vehicle’s location with Car Connection Pro smart phone App
  • Car Connection tracks the vehicle when running every 5 minutes.
  • Login to the user portal to instantly track the vehicle.
  • Creates a path as the vehicle drives – this path can be recalled and viewed on the user portal.
  • When the vehicle is not running, Car Connection Pro will monitor the location of the vehicle every hour
  • Monitor teen or elderly drivers
  • Great for Fleets/Delivery & Service Vehicles/Shuttles
  • Stolen vehicle/Tow notifications

REMOTE START & Keyless Entry

iPhone: Remote Keypad
  • Start your vehicle from your smart phone from virtually anywhere in the world*
  • Get start confirmation on your mobile device*
  • Lock/unlock your doors with your smart phone or mobile *
  • * When paired with a Pursuit Alarm or Remote Start or Flashlogic Remote Start module


iPhone: Walking Direction Options
  • Never lose your vehicle again! Park at the mall, ballpark or airport with no need to write down what parking spot you’re in.
  • Automatically remembers the vehicle’s location
  • Walking directions to where your vehicle is parked using Google® walking navigation
  • *Lot Spot is available only through the mobile app


iPhone: Notification Options
  • Alerts sent when vehicle enters or exits a specific zone (up to 5 location perimeters)
  • Receive Speed Alerts and device removal notifications
  • Know when your teen driver has entered or exited areas such as school or home.
  • Have peace of mind that they are going to the friend’s house they say they are.
  • Know if an aging parent has left their house or an assisted living facility.
  • Ability to set-up notifications via text or email and can be used as a “Stolen Vehicle” notification as well.
  • Receive alarm alerts when vehicle is broken into


iPhone: Driver Scoring
  • Contains an on board 3-axis accelerometer (like a game controller) that can detect hard braking, fast acceleration and sharp turning.
  • Uses this data in combination with the consumer’s driving habits, mileage of the vehicle and advanced algorithms to determine a “driver score”.
  • Driver scoring can be used to coach teen drivers.
  • Insurance companies may reward the driver based on this score. The insurance company will NOT penalize the drive for a bad score. (Check with your insurance company).


iPhone: Alerts
  • Diagnose ‘Check Engine’ lights – detailed trouble code information is available
  • Pays for the itself by eliminating charges for diagnostic time
  • Know what your mechanic knows before you go for service. Car Connection Pro will send Maintenance Alerts and Reminders by text or email if there is any health related issues on your vehicle.
  • DIY customer can know what needs to be replaced or fixed on the vehicle.
  • Recalls that apply to the vehicle can be viewed online or with the mobile app.


iPhone: Fuel Economy
  • Track real-time fuel consumption based on actual driving habits
  • Car Connection can improve your fuel consumption by providing information like average idle time and speed the vehicle is most fuel efficient as well as carbon foot print left by the vehicle.
  • Monitors daily driving habits, has the ability to generate a fuel consumption report and reads “actual” MPG (miles Per gallon).
  • Learn optimal MPH for ensuring best mileage
  • Keeps running average for 7, 30 or 90 days


 Android Zoom Safer App
  • Restrict cell phone use in the vehicle with an additional app*
  • Car Connection Pro will automatically launch the app loaded on the phone when the vehicle’s ignition is turned ON.
  • Restricts text messaging while vehicle is in motion.
  • When a call or text is received while driving, the sender will receive a text notification that the driver is driving and will call them back.
  • Allow emergency contacts (3) only.
  • *Android or Blackberry compatible devices only


Part Number: CCOBD2SL
Downloads: Device Registration
Website: Visit Audiovox's Website
In Stock?: Yes
Normal shipping time: Four days
Parts Warranty: One Year
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME


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