FLRSBZ3 Remote StartPlug and play remote start for 2008-14 Mercedes-Benz

Add remote start functionality in Mercedes C/CLS/E/GLK/SLK class vehicles with your existing FACTORY keyfob with the FLRSBZ3 remote start kit! This add-on to the factory keyless entry system allows remote start with no additional fobs on your keyring, and with no additional buttons or displays in the vehicle. Works seamlessly with factory equipment, allowing you to remote start your vehicle very simply, with three presses of the lock button!

The FLRSBZ3 is completely reversible as well, making it a perfect add-on for fleets or for people who change vehicles on a regular basis – simply pull the unit from the old vehicle, program the new key code into the FLRSBZ3 and end enjoy remote start in the next vehicle!

Options include range extending antenna systems and even start control from your smartphone!


FLRSBZ3 Remote Start Applications


Part Number: FLRSBZ3
Downloads: Programming Guide | View All Flashlogic Remote Start Applications
Website: Visit Flashlogic/Audiovox's Website
Normal shipping time: Four days
Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Options: Car Connection Pro | Two-Way Range Extending Remote | One Button Range Extending Remote

Included with local installation:
Remote Start Module


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