HD Channel Guide

HD Radio Channels for Seattle-Tacoma

There are 60 stations (as of 12-20-10) in the Seattle-Tacoma area broadcasting in the HD Radio format that include alternate channels for most of the major stations in each category.
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KPLU-HD 88.5 FM Jazz/NPR, Pacific Lutheran University
KPLU-HD2 88.5-2 FM Jazz 24, Pacific Lutheran University
KAOS-HD 89.3 FM Ecltc/Varty, Evergreen State College
KNHC-HD 89.5 FM Top40/Dance, Seattle Public Schools
KPLI-HD 90.1 FM Jazz/NPR, Pacific Lutheran University
KEXP-HD 90.3 FM Alternative, University of Washington
KSER-HD 90.7 FM Ecltc/Talk, KSER Foundation
KBCS-HD 91.3 FM Variety, Bellevue Community College
KXOT-HD 91.7 FM NPR/Nws/Tlk, Public Radio Capital, Inc.
KXOT-HD2 91.7-2 FM KUOW-FM, Public Radio Capital, Inc.
KXOT-HD3 91.7-3 FM World Radio Network, Public Radio Capital, Inc.
KQMV-HD 92.5 FM Rhymc/AC, Sandusky
KUBE-HD 93.3 FM CHR, Clear Channel
KUBE-HD2 93.3-2 FM Wild – Dance/Rhythmic, Clear Channel
KMPS-HD 94.1 FM Today’s Country, CBS Radio
KMPS-HD2 94.1-2 FM Classic KMPS, CBS Radio
KUOW-HD 94.9 FM NPR/Nws/Inf, University of Washington
KUOW-HD2 94.9-2 FM NPR News & Information, University of Washington
KUOW-HD3 94.9-3 FM BBC World Service, University of Washington
KJR-HD 95.7 FM Clsc Hits, Clear Channel
KJR-HD2 95.7-2 FM Hits of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Clear Channel
KJAQ-HD 96.5 FM Variety, CBS Radio
KJAQ-HD2 96.5-2 FM Boom – 50s, 60s and 70s, CBS Radio
KJAQ-HD3 96.5-3 FM Psychic Radio, CBS Radio
KIRO-HD 97.3 FM Nws/Tlk/Spt, Bonneville International Corp.
KIRO-HD2 97.3-2 FM South Asian Indian, Bonneville International Corp.
KIRO-HD3 97.3-3 FM Mormon Channel, Bonneville International Corp.
KING-HD 98.1 FM Classical, Classic Radio, Inc.
KING-HD2 98.1-2 FM Relaxing Classical Music, Classic Radio, Inc.
KING-HD3 98.1-3 FM Arts Talk Radio, Classic Radio, Inc.
KWJZ-HD 98.9 FM Smooth Jazz, Sandusky
KWJZ-HD2 98.9-2 FM KKNW-AM, Sandusky
KISW-HD 99.9 FM Rock, Entercom Communications Corp.
KISW-HD2 99.9-2 FM Live Rock, Entercom Communications Corp.
KKWF-HD 100.7 FM Country, Entercom Communications Corp.
KKWF-HD2 100.7-2 FM Comedy, Entercom Communications Corp.
KZOK-HD 102.5 FM Clsc Rock, CBS Radio
KZOK-HD2 102.5-2 FM Deep Cuts Classic Rock, CBS Radio
KNBQ-HD 102.9 FM Country, Clear Channel
KNBQ-HD2 102.9-2 FM Foggy Mountain- Classic Country, Clear Channel
KMTT-HD 103.7 FM Adult Rock, Entercom Communications Corp.
KMTT-HD2 103.7-2 FM Blues, Entercom Communications Corp.
KFNK-HD 104.9 FM Rock, Clear Channel
KFNK-HD2 104.9-2 FM Rock Nation-All Things Rock, Clear Channel
KCMS-HD 105.3 FM ChrsContemp, Crista Ministries
KCMS-HD2 105.3-2 FM Pure Music – AAA Christian, Crista Ministries
KCMS-HD3 105.3-3 FM KCIS-AM – Christian Talk/Music, Crista Ministries
KBKS-HD 106.1 FM CHR, Clear Channel
KBKS-HD2 106.1-2 FM The Beat – Urban, Clear Channel
KWPZ-HD 106.5 FM ChrsContemp, Crista Ministries
KWPZ-HD2 106.5-2 FM Christian Teaching, Crista Ministries
KRWM-HD 106.9 FM Soft AC, Sandusky
KRWM-HD2 106.9-2 FM KIXI in Stereo, Sandusky
KRWM-HD3 106.9-3 FM Contact Radio, Sandusky
KNDD-HD 107.7 FM Alternative, Entercom Communications Corp.
KNDD-HD2 107.7-2 FM Local Music, Entercom Communications Corp.
KHHO-HD 850 AM Sports, Clear Channel
KKDZ-HD 1250 AM Family Hits, Radio Disney
KUOW-HD 1340 AM NPR/Nws/Inf, Puget Sound Public Radio
KRKO-HD 1380 AM Sports, S-R Broadcasting

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