iSimple iPod Adaptors

ISHD571iPod/SAT/HD/AUX Interface for Factory Radios

iPod®/iPhone 4/4S® interface for many factory radios. Full iPod®/iPhone 4/4S® browsing supported from the factory radio: Playlist, Artist, Genre, Album, and Composer.

Recipient of a CES Innovations Award, the iSimple GateWay™ is the first interface ever to bring the iPod™, HD Radio™ broadcasting, Satellite Radio and many other portable media products into the vehicle.

The iSimple GateWay™ directly connects your iPod to your radio allowing you to browse your music, by Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist from the radio controls. This direct connection eliminates the need for noisy FM modulated solutions and also keeps the iPods internal battery charged. 

The iSimple GateWay™ brings the power of HD Radio broadcasting with the help of the HD Radio Tuner (HDRT). Available separately, the HDRT gives users more channels, more content, in exciting new formats—all with no subscription fees.

The iSimple GateWay™ can also be expanded with an SXV200 Satellite Radio tuner (sold separately) or with the iSimple BluStream Bluetooth Interface (Select Vehicles).

The iSimple GateWay™ allows connection of any two devices at once: iPod cable, AUX cable, SXV200 Satellite Tuner (sold separately), HD Radio Tuner (sold separately) or Bluetooth module.

Kit Includes:

  • PXAMG GateWay Interface
  • ISPDC11 iPod Cable
  • Auxiliary Input Cable
  • Vehicle Specific Harness
  • Keeps the Factory Radio Intact – Plug-and-play interface eliminates the need to replace the factory radio, maintaining the vehicle’s original look and feel.
  • Saves Time and Money – Cutting-edge technology and compact size provide huge advantages over buying and installing a new stereo with similar capabilities.
  • In Most Applications Retains Original Vehicle Features – Advanced capabilities retain and all safety and convenience features tied to the factory system.i.e.OEM Satellite, Rear Seat Entertainment, and CD changers (please check vehicle compatibility notes)
  • Provides Multiple Entertainment Options – Additional auxiliary input connects MP3 players, satellite radio tuners, DVD players, navigation systems and other portable media to the vehicle.
  • Delivers Digital-Quality Audio – Direct connection to the factory radio ensures static-free, crystal-clear sound from the iPod and many other portable media devices.
  • Enables All iPod Features and Functions from the iPod and the Radio – iPod Interface displays information and provides iPod control from both the iPod and the radio.
  • Works with Multiple Applications – USB connection allows the iSimple GateWay™ to be continually updated with downloadable firmware to work with the latest applications.


  • Connect an ISSR12 cable and add an SXV200* Satellite tuner
  • (Sat tuner and ISSR12 cable all sold separately.)



IS-FD571 for Ford/Mazda IS-HD571 for Honda/Acura IS-HY571 for Hyundai
IS-HY572 for Hyundai IS-GM571 for GM Vehicles IS-GM572 for GM Vehicles
IS-GM573 for GM Vehicles IS-GM574 for GM Vehicles IS-GM575 for GM Vehicles
IS-MZ571 for Mazda IS-NI571 for Nissan/Infiniti IS-NI572 for Nissan/Infiniti
IS-SB571 for Subaru IS-TY571 for Toyota/Scion/Lexus IS-VW571 for VW
IS-VW572 for VW IS-VW573 for VW IS-77 Universal FM Modulator
ISVW572 ISVW573 IS77



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Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Options: SiriusXM Radio

Included with local installation:
iPod Cable


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