JVC KW-500HDTMultimedia Navigation w/Bluetooth, HD Radio, Traffic & Apps

HD Radio™ and free lifetime traffic

Maps and driving directions are great, but they assume you’re the only driver on the road. JVC not only gives you turn-by-turn directions with the KW-NT500HDT navigation receiver, but also uses a traffic info receiver to give you an alert if there’s trouble up ahead. That can mean the difference between being there on time, or being hours late. In addition, you’ll get built-in Bluetooth®, HD Radio reception, and Pandora Internet radio control, along with the fastest GPS processor in town.


Traffic that really has you covered

The dedicated traffic tuner lets you dial in the free Total Traffic Plus network — you’ll enjoy access to real-time traffic info that’ll help you steer clear of traffic jams. Other traffic info services only work in major metropolitan areas, but HD Total Traffic Plus works anywhere a station is broadcasting HD Radio traffic information — over 90 metro areas and counting.

And you can stay on top of traffic while you’re outside HD Radio range, too. With the help of an iPhone® app, the KW-NT500HDT switches automatically to the Total Traffic Network over 3G when it senses you’re out of range of an HD Radio signal.

iHeartRadio and Pandora® give you lots of tunes

iHeartRadioDownload the free iHeartRadio iPhone app and you’ll get over 800 of America’s favorite local radio stations, as well as channels hosted by major artists. Once you connect your iPhone, you can navigate iHeartRadio stations using the KW-NT500HDT’s touchscreen. You’ll see album art and song info, plus you can use iHeartRadio’s search screen to find music. You can dial in your hometown stations while you’re out of town, too. Pandora® Internet radio lovers, you can bring your favorite stations to your dash, too, with the help of a free smartphone app.

Top-of-the-line navigation

JVC has more than doubled the speed of last year’s models (which were already fast), meaning when you tap the KW-NT500HDT’s 6.1″ touchscreen for directions, you’ll have them before you leave the parking lot. Pass by a cool spot, but no time to stop? Your passenger can grab your iPhone and add points of interest to your in-dash navigation system.

You’ll find some new navigation features that’ll really be a big help. Junction View shows you a realistic depiction of an upcoming exit, complete with lane guides. The Picture In Picture view lets you see the big picture, plus a close-up detail. And 3D Landmarks help you get around a city with confidence. Map text and texture come in crisp, clean, and easy to read on the high-res 6.1″ screen.

Bluetooth note: Bluetooth compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.

Want to keep your steering wheel controls?
In most vehicles, we can use an adapter to connect your vehicle’s steering wheel controls to this JVC stereo.




Part Number: KW-NT500HDT
Downloads: Owner's Manual | Additional Information
Website: Visit JVC's Website
Videos: Live Traffic Display | Navi: Key Features #1 | Navi: Key Features #2 | Navi: Key Features #3
In Stock?: Yes
Normal shipping time: Five days
Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Options: SiriusXM Radio | Rear Camera | Video iPod Cable

Included with local installation:
  • Standard Kit
  • Standard Harness
  • Steering Wheel Controls (if present)
  • Video iPod Cable


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