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svrPursuit PRO-SVR

What is it?

  • SVR is a Stolen Vehicle Tracking Device that will track your car if  stolen and our service will help you with recovering your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, simply call our 1-800 number and we will begin to track the vehicle and share that information with the proper authorities. It is that simple!
  • SVR Stolen Vehicle service and call center is available 24/7 to help recover your vehicle and includes 5 years of service coverage.
  • SVR requires professional installation to make sure SVR is in a secure location and properly connected to the vehicle.
  • SVR is a wireless digital service that sends the information to our call center and the bad guys will never know.
  • Your SVR service can be upgraded online to include the optional “LOCATION SERVICE” plan.
  • This is not required but you may like this option to locate your vehicle at anytime; in a parking lot, at the airport, or if a guest driver is using the vehicle.
  • SVR “LOCATION SERVICE” plan will allow you to track and monitor your vehicle daily from your Smartphone, 24/7.
  • SVR “LOCATION SERVICE” plan requires an annual subscription of $49.95 per year (FIRST YEAR IS FREE). No contract. No activation fee.


  • SVR includes one year of “LOCATION SERVICE” for free for you to experience and test the service.  Simply sign up online with a credit card and receive your free year of “LOCATION SERVICE” for FREE.

Who would use it?

  • Everyone: Know immediately if your vehicle has been stolen, and help alert police as to the whereabouts.
  • Parents: Teen drivers can make mistakes – PRO-SVR (with location services active) alerts you when they do, allowing you to educate and modify behavior before it becomes a problem, keeping good kids moving in the right direction!
  • Employers: Monitor company vehicles to insure employees are maximizing efficiency on the job. With PRO-SVR (and location services active), employee travel history can be logged, allowing reconciliation of time cards and travel claims. Alert Zone can be set up for each employee, allowing you to be notified via email or text message when the covered vehicle enters or exits any geographic area, such as the employee’s home or assigned service area.
  • Fleet Managers: With PRO-SVR (and location services active), monitor your whole fleet at once, and stay notified about the locations of all of your vehicles! Schedule maintenance and service based on real-time feedback!
  • Taxicabs or Shuttles: With PRO-SVR (and location services active), know the location of every vehicle, allowing dispatch to your potential fare by the closest driver available. Keep track of every trip every vehicle takes, every day.
  • Governments / Municipalities: PRO-SVR can keep track of infrequently used equipment, saving time and hassle when those assets need to be retrieved. Employee travel history can be logged, allowing reconciliation of time cards and travel claims.
  • Delivery & Service Companies: With PRO-SVR (and location services active), immediately locate your personnel in the field and dispatch the closest representative to your customer, saving time & fuel, as well as providing an increased level of service.
  • Frequent Travelers: While traveling, locate your vehicle in the airport parking lot when you get back!
  • Anyone who wants to keep track of their vehicles and loved ones, wants to save money based on real-time maintenance concerns, and wants the ultimate convenience of remotely starting their vehicle or locking /unlocking the doors from virtually anywhere in the world via their smartphone!

Product Overview

  • GPS-based location allows police to retrieve vehicle far easier than RF-based based tracking systems like LoJack  (scroll down to see how LoJack compares)
  • Track, locate and set boundaries to always know where your vehicle is (with location services active)*.
  • Monitor vehicle battery status, location and trips. All presented on easy to understand personalized website.
  • Customizable feature notifications via email and/or text messages.
  • Professionally installed by trained 12 volt specialists.
  • *Vehicle must be in range of data network to report current location

Simple Activation Process:

  • Purchase PRO-SVR and have it installed.
  • Go to http://www.prosvr.com/ and you click “Activation”
  • Add your email address, vehicle’s VIN number and “IMEI” number on the PRO-SVR.
  • Once the account information is submitted, a registration email will be sent to that email account. Please check that email account for a message from the Pursuit PRO SVR family. In this registration email is the Stolen Vehicle Recovery call center phone number, a link to complete your registration and PIN. Please make note of your PIN and follow the registration link provided.
  • In order to activate your FREE YEAR OF LOCATION SERVICES, you must provide a valid credit card and follow instructions provided in your welcoming email.
  • You are ready to go!

Smartphone Apps:



  • With optional location services (FREE for first year – $49 per year thereafter), locate the vehicle on demand
  • Tell whether vehicle is stopped or moving.
  • Red circle means vehicle is stopped – green means it’s moving.
  • Status tells how long vehicle has been stopped (or moving).
  • Generates a trip log, showing every trip (registers engine starts/stops)


  • Set a geographic area and be alerted when vehicle enters or exits
  • Can be set for off-limits area or “home base” – possibilities are endless
  • Area can be set to round “radius” or  “polygon” around alert location
  • Receive alerts on entry or exit, or both


  • Alerts can be set for many different parameters and turned on or off
  • Alert when vehicle voltage drops below a set level
  • Alert when vehicle exceeds pre-set speed limit
  • Alert when vehicle exceeds pre-set mileage
  • Alert when vehicle moves after pre-set interval

System comparison: LoJack

One of the most popular forms of vehicle theft recovery currently being sold is the LoJack system. Developed in the 1970’s, this system is touted as being a proven way of retrieving your stolen vehicle by working directly with police agencies that use LoJack-provided radio receivers to pick up the signal being transmitted by the stolen car.

What LoJack doesn’t say in their sales literature is that the system works on 70’s radio technology (NOT current GPS technology that is available in almost everything, including your cell phone). This technology is so outdated that no other system uses it – only LoJack – and for good reason, since it relies on two or more police vehicles with LoJack receivers to actively search for and triangulate the location of the vehicle in order to retrieve it. Very obviously, this method is labor-intensive and relies on police actively searching for the stolen vehicle with receiver-equipped vehicles, rather than you being able to view the location of your vehicle from your cell phone!

The biggest drawback to LoJack service, however, is their area of coverage. In contrast to GPS technology, which covers the entire globe, LoJack service only operates in certain counties of only only 27 states – and even then, in only the most populous counties (LoJack service areas shown in RED):


When you compare the coverage area of LoJack (left) against the PRO-SVR (the entire country), there is no comparison as to which method will most likely insure the retrieval of your stolen vehicle, not to mention the other location-based features that the PRO-SVR’s GPS-based system allows!


Part Number: PRO-SVR
Downloads: User Guide | Mobile App Guide | Reporting Stolen Vehicle Guide
Website: Visit Advent's Website
In Stock?: Yes
Normal shipping time: Four days
Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Included with local installation:
  • First Year Location Services
  • Module ONLY


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