Advent OE Navigation Splash Screens

Advent OE Navigation units have the ability to have the “splash screen” (the first screen seen during the bootup process) customized to the individual dealership or customer’s taste.This allows for a more personalized experience, and is a great way to identify the selling dealership for as long as the vehicle is in service.

We can use just about any .jpg graphic 800 x 480 pixels, and with ample notice prior to the installation, we can make and install a custom graphic for the dealership or individual. Please contact Walt if you would like a customized “splash screen” for your Advent OE Navigation System.

Hinshaws Honda - CRV navi

Toyota of Puyallup - Highlander

Jet Chevrolet - GM Navi

Korum Hyundai - Sonata Navi

Sunset Chevrolet Michaels Toyota - RAV4
Michael's Toyota - Camry Michael's Toyota - RAV4  Roy Robinson Chevrolet

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