Navi bypass on 2010 Highlander

Navigation Bypass / DVD Unblock / A/V-Camera Input for Toyota

The new TOYLP2 is now available for the popular “all in one” Toyota navigation radio!

Compatible with all years

Includes address input and all navigation functions unblocked

Includes video and audio input (LP2AV) unblocked or factory DVD player/changer unlocked (LP2WF)

Includes camera video input + power

Plus bluetooth phone dialing unblocked (if equipped)
Mp3 folders and CD text unblocked (if equipped)
FM text unblocked
Activate factory or aftermarket camera in any gear when desired
No extra switches – uses simple radio button press to turn on or off

Available in two models
Lockpick 2AV
Complete plug-in kit with audio and video inputs plus camera input
(not compatible with vehicles already equipped with factory DVD player or changer)
A/v inputs play at any time

Lockpick 2WF
Complete plug-in kit with factory DVD player/changer unblock plus camera input
(for installations where A/V inputs are not needed or where a factory DVD player or changer is present)

Navi Override Video Input Backup Camera
Lockpick 2
A/V Input
Phone + Nav
In Motion
Ultimate Lockpick2
Factory Dvd
Phone + Nav
In Motion
If Dvd Player Is Present
2004-2009 Camry X X
2005-2010 Sienna X X
2004-2010 Sequoia X X
2008-2010 Highlander X X
2008-2010 Highlander Hybrid X X
2005-2009 Tundra X X
2004-2009 4 Runner X X
2004-2008 Solara X X


Part Number: TOYLP1/LP2
Website: Visit CET's Website
Installations: View our installations of the TOYLP1/LP2
Videos: 2011 Highlander w/iPod video | 2009 Camry w/Slingbox
In Stock?: Usually - CALL FIRST
Normal shipping time: Five days | *Expedited shipping available* - please call for quote
Parts Warranty: One Year
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Included with local installation:
Data Adaptors


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