Headrest Video

AV-7500 AV-7550
AV-7500 Features:

  • Protected Top-Load DVD/CD/MP3 player. Monitor swivels from middle with no push latch for added viewing adjustment. Keeps dust, dirt, hair and contamination out.
  • 7.0” LCD display w/LED backlight for best picture quality, brightness and off-axis viewing.
  • Matching factory headrests in color, stitching, grain pattern and sheen. Factory shape has been retained wherever possible. Includes smooth tilt mechanism.
  • (25) 16-Bit video games built into each headrest. Includes (1) wireless game controller w/ On/Off switch.
  • Front USB input w/tethered cover for media storage/thumb drives + AUX mini-jack for MP3 player, video game or camera.
  • The compact remote is designed specifically for the AV7500 with no extra, confusing buttons.
  • Front mounted system controls. Operates system even if the remote is lost.
  • Tested and certified to meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for occupant protection. FMVSS 201, 202, 207 & 302. Posts are carbon steel & heat treated!
  • OEM style warranty coverage protects consumers and dealers alike. Provides increased CSI and customer loyalty.
  • LCD/DVD electronics can be ordered separately from the headrest kits. • Simple installation & Reduced inventory cost • Fast warranty replacement Now with rear mounted electrical connections so cables don’t have to be pulled! DIN-type tool to pull electronics included.
AV-7550 Features:

  • (2) entertainment modules with the following features:
  • 7.0” LCD display
  • System controls for Rosen Navigation systems
  • Controls are for new Super System platforms only. Original systems use the navi controls.
  • AUX input for external media device
  • 2-way tilt for optimum viewing angle
  • 2-channel IR transmitter for wireless headphones
  • (2) wireless 2-channel fold-flat headphones w/ batteries & (1) wireless remote control
  • Plug and Play connectivity to Rosen Navigation Systems – one proprietary harness supplies power and control capabilities.
  • Designed to work with standard Rosen headrest applications
  • Download the application guide (4-1-2010)
  • Download the feature chart

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